In 2018: We’re helping Mike Del Rosso


Del makes up most of the brains behind the Jolly Jump’s success over the years. As a volunteer, he has donated countless hours getting our mission across to so many people. He now needs the help of the Jolly Jump himself! He didn’t ask for our help, but you bet he is going to get it!

He is a 35-year-old who thought he was invincible but was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March of 2017. After surgery in March to remove the tumor (mere hours after the diagnosis) his doctors ran scans of his chest, abdomen and pelvis. They initially came back clear, but his tumor markers—hormone levels in the bloodstream—still indicated there could be traces of cancer in his system. Unfortunately, a subsequent chest scan a week or so later did reveal some growths in his lungs. His doctors then thought it best to undergo chemotherapy to eradicate—what looked like lung specks—that had spread from the initial testicular cancer.

In mid-May 2017, he left work and underwent a rigorous 9-week chemotherapy treatment. The doctors then waited about a month after treatment was complete to run scans again. Examination of blood work in early August and yet another chest, abdomen and pelvis scan indicated that the chemotherapy did the job. In fact, it cured the cancer, as his doctor had been saying all along: “We’re not using chemotherapy to treat the cancer; we intend for this to be a cure.”

Follow-up blood work in early August revealed that his tumor marker levels had dropped considerably. He is now awaiting one final chest scan in November to verify beyond a doubt that the cancer has been eradicated from his body. For the next five years of his life, doctors will keep a close watch, in case any tumors do grow back. But, for now, all clear. Let’s help eliminate the debt he incurred fighting the fight.