2020’s Top 5

Our 2020 Top Dog Zach Littman got the ball rolling early for our 17th annual plunge. He pulled quickly into the lead and never looked back, tallying donations from 52, count them, 52 individual sponsors. That could be a Jolly Jump record for most donors. And we think he may have had a guardian angel looking over him as he made the Atlantic leap.

Top Dog runners up, the Gulinello Family, are always contenders for the top fundraising spot. Earning a very impressive $2,435 for our cause this year, the Gulinellos along with all of us Jolly Jumpers remember Deb, Jackie and Larissa’s mom Pam DeMeo.

Coming in at No. 3 is a man who’s used to being No. 1. He is the greatest Jolly Jump fundraiser of all time. He is the GOAT. He is Tugboat. Of course, I’m talking about Dan McDonagh, who tallied another spectactular total, wrangling $1,400 in 2020. As we remember Deb, Jackie, and Pam every year, we also plunge for Dan’s dad Pat McDonagh.

At No. 4 we have the Woodford Family. We wouldn’t have a Jolly Jump if it wasn’t for these two. Brooke Woodford is our Jolly Jump First Lady and daughter to Deb Fraser. Bryan Woodford is Brooke’s husband and commissioner of the Jolly Jump. On top of organizing this event each year, they managed to pull in some substantial coin for the cause, earning $1,225.07.

Rounding out our Top 5 for 2020 is a two-time Top Dog himself, Ed Devin ($1,100.08). That’s why we call him The Captain. Ed is another jumper who keeps us coming back to the beach each year. His fundraising spirit is contagious. He’ll do whatever it takes, including bartending for tips, if that will guarantee him not only the top spot, but a better bid to beat this disease. It’s truly an honor to jump with him.