Meet the Crowley Boyz

From left: Shane Crowley, Mr. Crowley Himself, Jared Crowley


It may not look like it in this photo, but it takes huge cojones to Jolly Jump in a Speedo.

SIDE NOTE: If you happen to get down to the beach a little early, this year, it may look like the Town of Marshfield Parks Department is clearing the sand. Don’t be fooled. That’s just Mr. Crowley single-handedly raking a path to the water so that no one trips over a rock. Those stones are no match for Hurricane Crowley.

Shane has proven that he will do whatever it takes, each year, including dunking in a frozen river in Maine.

FUN FACT: If you follow the link to the Maine Dunk, just before they began rolling film, Shane wrestled a bear to snag that primo dunk spot by the banks. Shane “The Revenant” Crowley is a true Jolly Jumper.