2018’s Sweet Sixteen

Two thousand and eighteen hosted one of our closest races to the Top Dog yet. Eight of the top 10 fundraisers cleared $1,000 in donations. Nine and 10 weren’t far behind. Combined, the total earnings of our top, sweet-16 jumpers tallied more than half of the $42,000 Deb & Jackie’s Jolly Jump raised for families battling cancer.

Spearheaded by our Sweet 16, the 15th annual plunge shattered our previous most successful year by more than $10,000! As cancer cure fundraisers, we’re truly making grand strides banded as a formidable force against the disease that all too many of us know intimately.

The Jolly Jump wholeheartedly thanks everyone who donated this year. And we extend our warmest towels of gratitude to these jumpers who, every year, brave the cold to further our cause. We appreciate them all. Here are our sweetest 16…

Two-time Top Dog Ed Devin

The captain. Kid made it rain to take down Top Dog a second time.

JT & Brynn Nickley

JT, a former Top Dog himself, partnered with daughter Brynn to convert 30 donors to Team Nickley.

Minnehan Family

The Minnehans earn the Grassroots Award for converting the most individual donors. They won funds from more than 50 benefactors.

Woodford Family

The Jolly Jump Executive Branch. The Woodfords make this Jump happen every year.

Mike Vantine

A prodigal Top Dog returns from San Francisco to claim the 5 spot.

Gulinello Family

Always top fundraisers. We forever hold Larissa’s mom Pam in our hearts.

Kristian LaPointe

For the second year in a row, this kid came in hot. He sparked the start of the fundraising season back in October.

Porter Family

The Porters also pounded the pavement campaigning for donations, with 23 individual donors to date.

Allen Annis

Double-A all day.

Dan McDonagh

The GOAT. Even in a rebuilding year, this Belichick of the Plunge manages to crack the Top 10.

Walls Family

Always strong contenders early on. Much like Kristian LaPointe, the Walls light a fire under the rest of our Jolly Butts.

Armanda McCleary

In her inaugural year as a free-agent jumper, Armanda earned an impressive 19 individual donations.

Jake Poulin

A former Costume Contest Champion, this kid’s always in the mix. Jake’s substantial fundraising, year after year, puts him on the short list for top overall funds raised. He’s also a core jumper.

Mike McCleary

This man would walk on hands in the sand to get to that frigid Atlantic. And his donors know it.

Tristan Marchette

An OG jumper, Tristan returns a generation later to make some fundraising waves.

Watters Family

To round out the Sweet 16, we have Jolly Jump First Lady Jenn O’Brien Watters and husband Jon. Jenn is daughter to Jackie, whose namesake fills one half of the official moniker for our charity, Deb & Jackie’s Jolly Jump.