Capt. Ed Devin avenges for a cure

Captain Eddie Devin

2019: Chronicles of The Captain continue

We’ve been jumping for nearly two decades now. And some standouts have emerged from the frigid waters over the years. One of them is two-time Top Dog, Ed Devin. The Captain.

We’ve profiled The Captain before, but thought it wise to delve deeper into the psyche of this fundraising phenom. Perhaps we could even glean some wisdom for future jumpers.

In prep for 2019, we don’t doubt that The Captain will bring his unrivaled tenacity. He says he posts on social media relentlessly. This assures that his friends and his friends’ friends know about The Captain’s campaign.

When social isn’t enough, The Captain’s Jolly Jump promotions overflow into more traditional means. He said he’ll text his friends, as a reminder to donate, when the white noise of Facebook and Twitter falls on deaf ears. Like an auctioneer, he’ll sometimes hit up the same friends multiple times, holding them by their proverbial ankles to shake a few more coins loose.

The Captain has even expanded his campaign onto print. He’ll give his wife Allison a paper form to bring to work, for her co-workers to chip in. She’ll also share The Captain’s social media posts to maximize his outreach to her friends.

This man is a fundraising master. He’s even been known to hide a few tricks up his sleeve, in the 11th hour…



In Jump 2017, Capt. Jolly Jump Ed Devin donated ALL of his tips tending bar at the Abington Depot to our worthy cause of Conquering Cancer!

2017 and earlier

A little more about this seasoned Jump vet…

The Captain cut his Top Dog teeth, earning the pink robe in Jolly Jump 2015. Capt. Devin tallied the then Jolly Jump personal earning record with a whopping $1,874, in what could only be described as a photo finish in the last leg of the Race to the Top Dog 2015.

The Captain made a statement that day that would forever echo throughout the corridors of the Jolly Jump Hall of Fame.

We were also granted a glimpse into Jolly greatness, when The Captain graced our blog pages with an exclusive Q&A interview.

And now he’s apparently heading up The Avengers. What a career.