Fundraising tips from the Apex Dog

We thought we’d tap the mind of a fundraising genius, for all you jumpers out there looking to up your game in 2019. This man is the only Jolly Jumper to achieve the Top Dog title four times. He’s also been with us since the beginning.

Some of you know him as simply Tugboat. His legal name is Dan McDonagh. To us, though, he is the GOAT.

Dan “Tugboat” McDonagh, the GOAT:

“First of all, use all social media available. The more visible you can be with fundraising, the more people will know about it. Every time I receive a donation, I like to thank and tag that person on Facebook. I also tag the Jolly Jump FB page in every social post. That way, your friends, their friends and people who follow the Jolly Jump will see the activity in their feeds.

“I like to utilize my work network at Stop & Shop as much as possible. I’ve worked in so many different stores throughout my career.

“Every year, I start with an email to all of those who have donated to me in the past. I also conclude with a Thank You email to all of those who donated. In that email, I include info about the recipient and totals raised by myself and the group. It’s nice when you can show how their donations contributed to the cause.”