Jolly Jump stretching across globe

In its 13th year running, Jolly fundraisers are Jumping all around the World!
Jolly Jumping around the world!


Greg Anderson

This international man of mystery is dipping into a Japanese onsen.


Mike Vantine
San Francisco

Mikey V has since moved from Abington, Mass., to the Bay Area, but still takes the annual plunge off the West Coast.

Erin Vasselian

Erin will be in Maine this year, but that hasn’t stopped this Rookie of the Year from dunking. She’s substituted the Atlantic for an ice-cold Maine river.

Dan McDonagh

For the second year in a row, Triple Top Dog Dan McDonagh will take his arctic leap off the coast of Nantucket. He’s even recruited some island Jumpers aboard the Jolly train.

Chris Bowser
New York City

Chris Bowser will plunge nose first into the Hudson River more skillfully than Capt. Sully landing that Airbus A320 in said channel a few years back.