Jolly Jump XV | #jj2018

Deb & Jackie’s Jolly Jump 2017 poses for one final photo op before taking their annual plunge into the Atlantic.


Welcome All to the 15th Annual Deb & Jackie’s Jolly Jump,

For those of you new to the cause, the Jolly Jump summons a band of selfless volunteers to take up a frigid plunge into the Atlantic, on New Year’s Day. Their mission: CONQUER CANCER.

You can find our full mission statement and event information on and our Facebook page.

The Jump is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. We donate 100% of our net funds to a few select families voted in by our Board of Directors. This year, the Board chose two very deserving beneficiaries: Jim Marinelli and Mike Del Rosso.


No need to create a FirstGiving page this year! We’re running everything (including the Top Dog Leaderboard) through our official website

For those who made pages last year, we’ve prepared special PayPal donation buttons for you. Just visit the Jumpers Page.

If you don’t see your name, contact us and we’ll promptly add your personalized donation button to the site. Send us a profile pic too so that it’s easy for your donors to find you!

We strongly encourage Jolly Jumpers to promote our collective cause via social media, like Facebook. Historically, this has proven to drive up online donations.

If any Jumpers would like to tell their personal stories about why they Jump or perhaps share a special story about battling cancer, you can always Boost Your Campaign by answering our Q & A. We’ll publish your story on the blog.

Please feel free to email with any questions.

The Jolly Jump


Some additional good news right off the bat. We’ll host a Thanksgiving Eve Fundraising Party at Emerald Hall in Abington. The event will be a blast and also allow us to help our beneficiaries with some additional support before the holidays. Please come by for a few; the Jump will call an Uber for anyone who needs a ride home.

We have no doubt our community will RISE to the occasion and make this the best year possible for Del and Jim.