The Home Stretch

Foreground from left: Jenn O’Brien Watters (Jackie O’Brien’s daughter), Bryan Woodford (Jolly Jump Commissioner) and Brooke Fraser Woodford (Deb’s daughter & First Lady of the Jolly Jump)

Approximately 24 hours of fundraising left! This is the home stretch, jumpers.

We’ll tally total donations back at the Harbor Fire, post plunge; where we also anticipate a significant surge in offline donations.

In terms of online donations, we’ve nearly reached $20,000!

The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in fundraising, Dan McDonagh, has established himself firmly in the lead, with more than $2,600. Eddie Devin‘s valiant efforts these last two Thursdays have set him in a solid second place, with just over $2,000. Marty McDonagh, Amanda Walls, Julie Nelligan and Kristian LaPointe are all over $1,000 and hot on Dan and Eddie’s heels.

We’ve already witnessed some impressive fundraising performances, but anything can happen in the home stretch. Put out the APB to all your supporters! Cash in on the people who promised to donate! Toss up that Hail Mary play to put your campaign in the end zone.

Who knows? You could be crowned 2017’s Top Dog.