The Jolly Jump 2015 thanks you!


With everyone’s help and 39 jumpers we were able to raise roughly $12,500—our highest donation total ever!

It was amazing to have both the Light and Lessard families there yesterday supporting us, supporting them. They were each so grateful and thankful to everybody! We wish them the best of luck.

With the highest single donation total ever, Ed Devin was able to take home the coveted Pink Bathrobe as this year’s Top Dog raising a whopping, $1,874. Not far behind him was the legend Tugboat, who raised the second highest total ever, an astounding $1,760. To no surprise, in third place, with $1,595 was Jake Poulin, who continues to dominate the Top Five each and every year. In fourth place was Rookie of the Decade, Erin Vasselian, who raised an amazing $1,411. Marco Gullinello wrapped up the Top 5 slots, with $873. Each of the top 5 Top Dog hopefuls deserves an honorary Pink Robe-wearer status, as they each surpassed a prior Top Dog total from a prior year in our now decade-long cause.

We hope everyone stays warm, but only until next New Year’s Day 2016, that is, when we do it all again!

If any jumper did not receive a towel or anyone is interested in purchasing one just please send us a message. In the spirit of keeping warm and dry, post-plunge, we will offer official Jolly Jump hooded sweatshirts next year.

Peace and Love,
The Jolly Jump Team