The Walls also jump for Martha Parady


This is why Core Jumper, Amanda Walls is jumping this year…

AMANDA WROTE: “As some people may know, cancer has touched my family personally. My father is a survivor of prostate cancer. He was lucky that he only needed surgery and not prolonged treatment.

“(My dad’s) sister, Martha, lost her third battle with cancer this year. It was very tough on the whole family to see her deterioration. She had brain tumors called glioblastomas which are very aggressive, fast-growing and star-shaped. They make surgery to remove them almost impossible. She required expensive services like visiting nurses and stays in a rehab facility. It took a toll on the family. This is why we raise money and why we jump into the ocean on New Year’s Day. We know that health insurance only covers so much.

“This year, I am not only jumping for The 2018 Jolly Jump beneficiaries Jim Marinelli and Mike Del Rosso; I’m jumping for Martha Parady. I wish we could have done more for her.”