Workin’ smart

Old-school form displayed at my workstation… also, the instructions to dial out to the UK

After talking to a few of the top earners over the years, it became quite clear that consistency, a relentless attitude, and constant reminders to the people in your life who want to contribute to your Jolly Jump campaign are paramount, if you’re looking toward a Top Dog spot.

That isn’t to say you should annoy people. But subtle reminders can’t hurt. I’m proudly displaying the old-school sign-up form more as a reminder for co-workers to donate. Although, if you can get their pledges in writing, that’s all the more guarantee that they’ll donate.

I’ve planned to send out two email reminders, as well. Two over the course of the December month, in my opinion, strike a good frequency. They’re effective, but not too intrusive to everybody’s day-to-day. If anything, causes like these are a welcome distraction from the mundane spreadsheet or TPS report.

Sample internal office email

Links included in the above email