Q & A: Top Dog Eddie Devin

Eddie and son looking good in their official Jolly Jump hoodies.
Eddie and son looking good in their official Jolly Jump hoodies.

Eddie Devin is a dedicated Jolly Jumper, which is no surprise considering he’s currently the reigning Top Dog. Last Thursday, Dec. 10, Eddie donated all of his tips bartending at the Abington Depot to his campaign. And he’ll be doing the same this upcoming Thursday, Dec. 17. If you can’t make it down to The Depot, you can still donate to Eddie’s cause…

And read about how he became the 2015 Top Dog, securing himself in the record books of the Jolly Jump Hall of Fame.

If you’re a veteran, do you remember a particular Jump? Tell us about it…

Last year’s jump sticks out in my mind the most, because I won the Top Dog award for the first time. It’s easy to warm up once you don that coveted pink robe.

What’s going through your head right before dunking into the Atlantic?

I’m really just plotting my running path so I can get into the water and back out as quickly as possible.

Any fundraising tips for new jumpers?

I agree with Tugboat on this one, you have to utilize social media. Put some posts up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to get your friends and family involved.

What else do you want people to know about your Jolly Jump campaign?

The Jolly Jump is so much more than a jump in the water on New Year’s Day. It’s a sense of community and family with everyone who attends, whether they go for a swim or not. It’s a fun day, and knowing that we’re making a difference in somebody’s life makes it that much better.